Thursday, July 17, 2008

Waking UP

One of the hardest things to do as a stay-at-homer (for me at least) is get out of bed everyday.  It's not that I am depressed this is by no means the case, but it's getting up to someone else's needs everyday.  You know how, when you have a job outside of the home, you get up leave the house and go to work.  That's not so when you are a stay-at-homer.  I know!  It's craziness!  Seriously though...  So those who work at least have a variance in schedule.  The weekly grind and then the joy of the weekend.  It's not that they have nothing to do on the weekends (I'm sure working mother's play catch up on the weekends as do we all), but they have something different to do.  As a stay-at-homer, everyday is basically (not technically) the same.  You wake up have a short time to yourself and then it's breakfast, getting everyone dressed, brushing teeth, morning clean up, rushing to get somewhere on time, diffusing fights and tantrums, etc.  You get the picture?  Not that it's all negative you also get the hugs, kisses, sticky hands on your face, scribbly pictures made just for you, giggles, tickle wars...  And the best and the hardest of it is that no one compares to you.  No one can made the breakfast like mommy does, no one can kiss away the pain like mommy does, no one can wipe the snot and such like mommy does, no one can cuddle like mommy does, no one can sing or read like mommy does.  It's flattering and endearing and yet it's exhausting.  
So, back to the point, there are days when it is just simply hard to get up.  More than anything you just want to do your own thing for a day... or two.  Today, was one of those days.  I just wanted 5 more minutes to myself before getting up.  Unfortunately, I chose the wrong day.  My little one came into to wake me and I pulled her up into bed with me and tried to convince her to go back to sleep.  Wo is me.  Not 2 minutes later I was covered in vomit.  It was great.  Poor girl was sick and I hadn't noticed.  I should just realize sleep is over-rated anyway.  It was a rude awaking, but a needed one.  One thing a stay-at-homer (and any mom for that matter) has to be weary of is selfishness.  Parenting is the most selfless job in the world... Whether you want it to be or not. 

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michelle said...

Great thoughts on the subject. I find myself kind of in the middle, a mom who works IN the home. I really look forward to the summers when I can spend quality time with my girls but then I realize that I have to entertain them the WHOLE's seems a little easier when Kylie gets to play with "friends" during preschool 4 hours a day.
One thing I have learned is that I cannot work full time. Last year I taught 2 classes a day 5 days a week and I was MISERABLE! Grouchy, stressed, and tired all the time. This year I do 2 classes three days a week and things are A LOT better. I enjoy spending time teaching and being creative but I also like those days to have time with my girls. So I realize it is very important to be a stay at home mom and that each mom needs some variety, and time to themselves with hobbies and interests.