Friday, August 29, 2008

Walked right into that one

So school has started.  It's funny how the grind can become more grating.  Schedules are tighter, even though kids are at school there seems to be more to do.  So, I have come up with a great school year schedule for me and the kids and I made it through week one of this new schedule.  Last night, I relaxed just a bit and didn't vacuum before I went to bed (the kids did spill some popcorn, but I fully intended to vacuum first thing this morning!).  My good intentions were spoiled when I awoke to a sick kids who desperately needed a doctor.  So around 2 pm the popcorn was still there waiting for me.  

My husband (today was his day off) huffed and puffed a little when he came to the kitchen for a snack.  I said, "You hate me because I'm a crappy housekeeper, huh?"  Totally meaning this rhetorically and trying to lighten the fact that the house was in a bit of disarray.  

His response, "Even though my mom was a natze about cleaning it was really nice to have a clean home to relax it. But...  no, I don't hate you."

Wow!  It totally walked into that one.  Knife to the heart.  Not only did he knock all my hard work, but he had to go there!  He had to compare me to the MOM!  Is any wife as good as the MOM?  Am I the only woman who gets compared to the MOM?  Mind you, he doesn't do it often, he knows it's not nice or fair, but come on!  He went there today!  And after I have worked my butt off all week incorporating a new schedule, adding school to the agenda, not only for the kids, but for me.

But you know what, I can't really be mad at him.  He was just answering the question that I asked.  Maybe not with any tact, but he was honest.  He didn't yell at me or berate me for not vacuuming up the popcorn the minute it was spilt.  He merely stated that it's nice to have a clean house.  Is that so bad?

Oh, men!


michelle said...

I think sometimes men (* bless their hearts) are dense and don't realize how hard we are on ourselves and how we know every little thing we should be doing that we aren't. AND the things we are doing we always feel we could do better, so... if we don't feel like vacuuming one night...oh well... what's 1 minus 1,876,321? 'Cause that's how many times you will vacuum the floor in your lifetime!

*me and my sister think that as long as you say "bless their heart" at the beginning you can say whatever you want after :)!

Crazy Clan of Celts said...

It's true and sincere, "bless their heart" always puts instant stitches on whatever gnarly wound follows. Right??