Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hooray for me!  I got rejected!

Here's my rejection.

Dear Miranda:

Thank you so much for submitting to the American Short Fiction Short Story Contest. We have been overwhelmed by the talent in this year’s crop of submissions. The editorial staff has been poring over the contest entries. Your entry was read and considered carefully.

Unfortunately, your submission was not selected for final judging. We wish you the best of luck in placing "One the Matter of Life: Father to Son" elsewhere.

Thank you for trying us.


The Editors of American Short Fiction

So it occurs to me that I may need to explain why I am thrilled about this rejection:

1. To quote world famous Stephenie Meyer, "All bestselling authors got rejections." So basically... now I am in the big leagues!

2. Have read/heard this, or a version of this, from several authors: Any rejection that is personal is a plus. Whether it is personal because they actually used your name and the name of your work (like my rejection) or they added some more personal bit of critic or comment the fact that it is personal shows an amount of interest.

3. It's one step along the long journey to realizing my dream of becoming a published author.

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