Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Randomness, or maybe we could call it Mirandomness!

Ok, I was challenged to do this by several people on Facebook and I caved!  But I had fun doing it so I thought I would post my odd randomness here as well.  Enjoy!

Happy Randomness...

1. I could be at least 2 inches taller if my spine were straight.
2. It would make me vastly happy to be at least 2 inches taller, it should would have made my pregnancies more comfortable, maybe.
3. I have never smoked nor drank...
4. however, I am highly addicted to books...
5. and I would gladly become a hermit and hide in a small cubicle consuming books for the rest of my days, if...
6. I did not have 4 children who needed every second of my attention, time and energy...
7. So I take care of my children and then neglect my house so I can read...
8. I recognize that the first stage of recovering from addiction is admitting there is a problem; Geoff are you happy now that I've admitted I have a problem with reading and thus, I often neglect my wifely duties of being a homemaker!
9. There are other things that distract me from housework too, like school work, I am currently taking online courses to completely my BS in Psychology... finally.
10. I hate school work, as much as I am addicted to reading, I hate being told to read!
11. I love to write and have been writing since I was in 2nd grade, goes hand in hand with my love of reading.
12. I am attempting to write my first novel... could be dreadful, but it sure is fun.
13. Basically, I just love the written word, love to write it, read it, recite it, hold it in my hands and smell it.
14. Yes, I smell books when I pick them up to read them.
15. Enough about books... I would love to do more acting and hope to get involved with community theater here in England.
15. My favorite thing to do with my kids is dance!
16. I am making myself practice piano everyday so my sight reading will improve and I can then justify buying a Bowed Psaltry. Don't know what it is you say? Well, go to this site and check it out:
I really, really, really want one.
17. I think I want one so bad because it would make me feel more Celtic to play an instrument that cool. Maybe I should pick up playing the bagpipes too.
18. I wish I had an accent. I'm not particular, any accent will do, something thick that makes people ask "Where are you from?" (and my generic and general American accent that stands out in England, does not count)
19. I am afraid of water that's over my head, which is funny considering...
20. My favorite place is the coast, I love the ocean. I just don't want to swim in it. And...
21. besides the depth of the ocean, seaweed freaks me out, seriously it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
22. I have a new love of going to the gym; it helps to see weekly progress!!!
23. I am a mom turned detective/scientist/doctor that is reading, researching and experimenting, trying to find and eliminate allergens for my children who are sick far to often.
24. I am painfully in love with my husband!
25. It makes me blush and giggle that he is just as head-over-heels for me as I am for him!!!

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