Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweating my dream out one word at a time...

Here's another little snippet of my WIP.  Seriously, putting it out there that I'm desperately trying to finish this thing has actually helped me stay focused.  And thanks to all of you that offered your kind support.  It's extremely encouraging.

In this snippet, having gotten lost on her first morning in a new school and now running a few minutes late, Dee has just walked into her very first public school class ever--high school English.

As I squeezed through the door and tiptoed inside, trying hard not to be noticed, the sun glared in my face.  Blinded as I was, I took one step forward, tripped on something that felt remarkably like a shoe, and went flying face first towards the grimy tiled floor.  Some Protector I am.  I heard lots of laughter on my way down, but it seemed muted and distant when an oddly familiar voice said, “Whoa there.”  I felt strong hands wrap around my arms stopping my body just inches before my nose hit the floor.  Slowly he pulled me up and back against his chest.  His hands slid down my arms and rested on my hips.  My heart galloped.  I’d never been so close to a boy before.  

“That was quite an entrance.  Are you ok?” he asked, his words blowing the tiny wispy hairs on my neck.  Goosebumps manifested all over my body.  My heart stopped.  That voice was familiar.  And I knew why.  I knew who he was.  Never having seen him before, I knew he was the One.  My charge, the One I had been training to protect all these years.  Every muscle in my body was frozen.  “Here,” he offered, “you can sit by me.”  He nudging me towards the empty seat next to him.  He would sit on the front row.  I sat and mumbled, “Thanks,” without looking up at him. 

“It was the least I could do, since my big shoes tripped you."  His laugh was musical, like a deep bass.

I risked a glance at him out of the corner of my eye.  It was him.  The One that had been shown to me in so many countless, they had almost become meaningless, dreams.  His face always the first and last thing I saw during any given dream I might have.  His eyes were the muted blue-gray of England’s winter skies, the skies I wouldn’t see this winter.  He had short dark-blonde hair that paired perfectly with his semi-tanned skin and genuine smile. Here?  Of all places?  And I had to meet him like this?  My heart clawed at my chest like a trapped lion trying to get free of its cage.  The Paladin had said when all was ready we would meet.  I didn’t feel ready.  I felt dizzy, breathless and like a complete poser.

ps  If you missed my first snippet, you can read it here.

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