Friday, December 13, 2013

open letter

Today I learned that Congress is trying to cut my spouse's military retirement by 124K.  This literally makes me sick.  Our politicians have become so out of touch with America and its people; it's maddening.  So I wrote to my Senators in hopes that they might reconnect with the military families of America... if only through my little one here in Texas.  And I hope that no matter what the cause is, that you will write to your senators and congressmen, that you will picket, that you will organize groups to lobby, that, whether or not you agree with me politically, you will find something that matters to you and that you will do something, anything, about it, to help maintain a government for the people and by the people.  Throw tea for all I care, just do something.

I sent the follwing letter to Senator Ted Cruz:

Dear Senator Cruz,

First of all, you are my hero for fighting the Affordable Care Act and all its unconstitutional ridiculousness.  Secondly, I'm hoping I can count on you to keep my family in a home.

My husband suffered an career-ending injury in 2010.  As a cop in the US Air Force, they don't want you if you can't run.  As a result, he was medically retired as of January of this year (2013).  For our family of 7, that retirement money is keeping a roof over our heads while he finishes school and trains for a new career.  

You see, like most career military men, my husband put all his eggs in one basket, the Criminal Justice basket.  For nearly two decades he has held various jobs and positions within that career field and this spring he will completing his BS in Criminal Justice from Park University.  The problem? Just as in the military, civilian law enforcement agencies won't arm you if you can't run, and if they can't arm you, you are of little to no use.  So, my husband, at age 37 and with a wife and five children at home, is now having to reinvent himself, entirely, and find a new career.  

In the mean time, the bills keep coming in, the kids need to eat, the rent has to be paid, school supplies and medication still have to be provided.  It is a fact, and no exaggeration, when I say that without his retirement benefits, we'd be homeless.  And it makes me physically sick with anxiety to think that those in the House and Senate are trying to cut our lifeline.

Please tell me I can rely on you.  Please fight for my little family.  Help my husband keep his dignity as our provider by allowing him to keep every penny promised to him.  Give that gift to all the men and women that have given their life and limbs for this country and its people.  Ensure that they can continue supporting themselves and the ones they love.  Do not allow these proposed retirement cuts to be passed into law.  

With sincere thanks and hope,
Miranda Marrott

Go on now, write a letter of your own.  Let your voice be heard!

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