Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The deadline cometh!

A long time ago--6 weeks is a long time, right?--September 17th seemed to be a really far away almost elusive date.  Today, it's turned into a proverbial black raven pecking on my window sill, incessantly reminding me just how much I have left to write if I want to make my BWFE(best-writing-friend-ever)-promised deadline.  Peck, peck, peck.  Knock, knock, knock... the deadline cometh.

And, of course, instead of writing I have been stalking people/photos on perusing fb and checking my email and watching random youtube videos like this one--which actually isn't totally random, it's a memorial for 9/11 and very cool and touching, not a waste of my time at all--and playing on iTunes (have to have a playlist to write with) and flossing.  Really?  Flossing?  Yeah, I'm all kinds of ADD and lame at the end of the day.

And to further procrastinate, I am posting another snippet.
*If you haven't read any of my snippets yet from my manuscript please first click here, then here, then here. That will bring you up to speed, as they say.

I'm almost jaded on love-triangles, seems like you can't have any story or movie without them anymore.  But you know what?  But actually, it really is almost always a love triangle.  There's often a third party in the way, be it another person, work, the kids (yes, I went there, kids need mom and dad, but mom and dad need mom and dad too), money, social climbing, a hobby, whatever... we can all get distracted and/or we can all have times when things seem to get boring/old, or our feelings get hurt and we seek solace elsewhere--ice cream and brownies are very good to me from time to time.

Oh, you devilishly delicious morsel, you... stop looking at me that way.

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The point is, whether the love triangle involves three people or two people and a succulent, mouth-watering, perfectly sculpted dessert, the principles are the same.  Ultimately, that third entity brings in tension that either destroys the relationship or... gets eaten.

Enter Luke, Dane's best friend that just happens to be a tall, dark-haired, multi-talented drummer who's pounding his sticks on Dee's heart.  And, although our hero Dee doesn't know it yet, she is no novice to love triangles.  In this snippet Luke's come uninvited and unwanted to Dee's house when she is home sick from school.  Enjoy :)

“Why are you here?” I countered through gritted teeth.  I folded my arms, trying to convince my hands they really didn’t want to scratch his eyes out.  Scratch his eyes out?  What was I thinking?  I am a trained warrior.  Warriors do not scratch eyes out, they gouache them out.  With something dull.  “Ugh, go away!”  I turned my back on him, heading towards my bedroom.

“Oh, come on, Dee.  Stop.  Really this time, just stop huffing for one second.”

Why do I keep obliging him?  The kitchen was silent behind me.  I just had to turn around and see what it was that had actually shut him up.  His half-grin started to stir up more unwanted, but strong, undeniable feelings.  My resolve melted, just slightly.  “Ok, Luke, I’ll stop huffing... for a few seconds.  Now, what do you want?”  I so should've known better.

“Do your pants actually say 'luscious' across the butt?” He tried to stifle his laughter. 

I threw my arms up in the air and growled at him, instantly turning to storm towards my room. I could still hear his voice echoing down the hall.  “Luscious,” he laughed again, “you most certainly are.”  He whistled and cat-called as I slammed my bedroom door behind me. 

Note to self: burn pink polk-a-dotted jammies that say LUSCIOUS across the bum.

How ever did you guess my mind is still on brownies?  Jedi mind tricks.

*Author's note to self: writing blog posts past midnight is never a good idea... well, not if you don't want to be embarrassed by all the type-o's and errors you find in it in the morning when dozens of people have already read it.  and also because searching google images for pictures that depict 'luscious' is never a good idea (something a less sleep-starved person might realize to begin with).  remember that.

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